Customized paint protection film, or clear bra, services are ingrained in our roots. We believe that paint protection film should be a priority in order to protect and retain your factory paint. Xpel is the industry leader in clear bra technology and that is why we decided to partner with them exclusively.

A few key benefits with paint protection film include:

  • Keep your vehicle looking shiny and new for longer

  • Reduce your expenses for constant waxing and polishing

  • Minimize the likelihood of your car’s exterior paint sustaining scratches and other damage

  • Make cleaning your car easier

  • Retain your car’s resale value


Your car’s exterior is exposed to the elements, making it vulnerable to scratches and other forms of damage. Ceramic coating is the answer to this problem. With ceramic coating:

  • Your vehicle has an extra layer of protection between the paint and the elements

  • The paint will not oxidize and fade from sun exposure

  • The exterior surface of your vehicle becomes chemically resistant to staining and etching


  • So, you found the near perfect car but the color isn’t exactly what you want? We can assist you to completely change the look and design of your vehicle with vinyl wrap!

  • Vinyl wrap drastically changes the way a vehicle looks and makes it uniquely yours.

  • The vinyl actually protects and keeps your factory paint looking new. With today’s technology, a wrapped car can be indistinguishable from a painted one, for a fraction of the cost.



We work with some of the best in the business to provide you with stylish and functional wheel and tire options. Whether you’re looking to improve handling or just find something a little more your taste, you can find it here.


Exhaust system changes can make a huge difference in not only the sound of your car, but the performance as well. A lightweight aftermarket exhaust system can make an incredible improvement in your engine’s ability to breathe, allowing for better performance and an intoxicating exhaust note.


If you want to make your car look and perform more aggressively, suspension upgrades are a great choice. Our team of experts knows the ins and outs of the latest suspension technology from luxury and exotic car brands.


Window tint is an absolute must before your car leaves the showroom floor. Tinting is a great way to protect the interior of your car from sun damage, excessive heat, and has the added benefit of improving the look of any vehicle it’s applied to. For a truly aggressive look, we suggest pairing your side and rear tint with a windshield tint.